How to Get Sponsored by Lucas Oil and Permatex

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How to Get Sponsored by Lucas Oil and Permatex

Alex Striler
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Tom Bogner of Lucas Oil, Eric Seibold of Permatex, and pro racer Ryan Beat talk about:

Why Lucas Oil sponsors Ryan.

How Tom selected teams to be sponsored by Lucas Oil.

Why grassroots racers are a great fit for Lucas Oil.

Why Permatex sponsored Sarah Burgess after receiving her deck.

Why Eric Seibold sometimes refers sponsorship requests to Permatex's sister brands, including Slime, Gumout, and Black Magic.

What mistakes racers in their decks.

Why Permatex's sister brand, Spray Nine sponsors a racer in Pro Pulling and how the racer got Spray Nine's attention.

Why Permatex seeks more than logo exposure, including activation, press releases, lead generation, product sampling, social media promotion, VIP tickets, autograph and photograph sessions.

Why brands sponsor race teams.

Why racers should put 20% to 30% of any money raised back into marketing.

What Permatex and Lucas Oil learned from COVID and how it changed their approach to sponsorships.

What Ryan Beat did during COVID to promote and add value to his sponsors.

How Ryan got sponsored by Bilstein and Chevrolet.

The best way to reach out to Tom and Eric to start a conversation.

Who now issues sponsorships at Lucas Oil.

How Permatex splits their marketing budget in buckets.

Why aligning with other brands is important.

How to get a sponsor to grow a program year after year.

Why it's important to "bring something new" to your sponsors to keep them renewing.

Why fiscal years are important for timing your approach and the different fiscal years for different types of companies.

The difference between what endemic brands (like oil, auto, and filter co's) and non-endemic brands (like Monster and Red Bull) want from sponsorship.

How Lucas Oil and Permatex measure ROI (return on investment).

Why Lucas Oil sponsors Sam Schmidt.

How USA sponsorships differ from Canadian and overseas sponsorships.

Why you should "never give up," because a company's marketing plans might change over time.

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