How to Get Sponsored by Coca-Cola

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How to Get Sponsored by Coca-Cola

Alex Striler
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Al Rondon, Sr. Marketing Manager of Sports & Entertainment at Coca-Cola (who leads Coke's partnership with NASCAR) and Mitchell DeJong, multi-time track and SIM champion explains:

Coca-Cola’s different marketing philosophies behind global brands versus regional.

What a sponsorship request should include and how to make it relevant to Coca-Cola.

What to do before sending anything to anyone in Marketing at Coca-Cola.

Why timing is important, the company’s fiscal year, how budgets affect timing, and when decisions are made.

How to use brand managers to navigate the company’s many departments.

How SIM racing compares to actual track racing and why it affects sponsorship dollars.

Why it is important for racers seeking sponsors to look for brands that are trying to connect with race fans.

What an ideal B2B connection looks like.

The difference in fan engagement between real track racing and eSports.

How Mitchell got his sponsors for SIM racing.

Why bottlers are more likely to sponsor regionally than the parent company.

What’s next for Coca-Cola’s NASCAR sponsorship.

Where Al will be in the coming months and which races he intends to spectate.

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