How to Get Sponsored by AEM

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How to Get Sponsored by AEM

Alex Striler
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Lawson Mollica, Marketing and Public Relations Director of AEM Performance Electronics explains:

Why almost all of AEM's sponsorship are either partial or full in-kind product sponsorships.

What AEM looks for from teams they sponsor.

Why good stories go a lot farther for AEM than making it to the winner's circle.

How to develop long-term relationships with sponsors.

Why putting stickers on your car and sending photos at year end "aren't going to get you call back the next year."

Why AEM is open to considering more racers and teams than the 38 they currently sponsor and how to become one of them.

Why some sponsorships don't work while others last up to ten years.

Why AEM's tech staff attends many different races how sometimes they result in sponsorships.

That AEM begins its due diligence after getting a proposal that "looks pretty good," and what AEM does to learn more about the racer or team.

Why AEM will sponsor a racer with a small social following over someone with "a million followers."

Why AEM wants to work with people who can tell stories, are classy, and over-deliver.

Why AEM sponsors grassroots racers and how they find the right ones to represent the brand.

What the company wants to see in Proof of Performance reports.

AEM's fiscal year and when they make sponsorship decisions.

Who at AEM ultimately makes the sponsorship decisions.

What AEM looks for in decks and proposals.

The best way to reach out and send information to AEM to be considered for sponsorship.

How racers can get more information about sponsorships from AEM's website.

What AEM is looking for going forward.

Why AEM is not looking to sponsor anyone in EV now, but will in the future.

Why you should approach non-endemic sponsors first when you need money and why you should approach endemic brands you believe in, as opposed to "fishing" for sponsorship.

What sponsored drivers Lawson calls first for renewals and why.

Why most AEM sponsorships are one- or two-year agreements.

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