How to Get Sponsored by Titan Fuel Tanks & Vision Wheel

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How to Get Sponsored by Titan Fuel Tanks & Vision Wheel

Alex Striler
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Marketing directors, Mike DeFord of Titan Fuel Tanks and Todd Robinson of Vision Wheel explain:

Why Mike says “never start with an email,” while Todd doesn’t care how you approach him.

That sponsorships are about relationships and trust.

Why Titan and Vision both sponsor Cam Reimers and what he does for them.

Cam Reimers explains how he got Titan Fuel Tanks and Vision Wheel as sponsors.

Why proposals are important.

How to differentiate among the 2,500 decks and proposals they each receive annually.

Why return on investment (ROI) is so important to a sponsor.

What gets their attention and how the late Pete Sohren got a sponsorship from Titan.

What series they invest in and, and which they don’t, including the series that provides “zero ROI.”

Why Roger Minor, the founder of Vision Wheel, wants a ten-to-one return on all dollars spent.

Whether it’s better to sponsor an affordable new racer with little experience or an expensive veteran at the top of their game.

Why Vision Wheel sponsors Rob MacCachren and Mia Chapman.

What catches their eye in a proposal and what all proposals need to have.

Why you should always under-promise and over-deliver.

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